6 thoughts on “Human Service

    • Dear Ranu,

      Thank you for your visit and comment.

      This little kid is representative of little kids everywhere, of anyone, anywhere, in need of assistance.

      Saadi’s reference to the “Path,” as he refers to it, speaks strongly to me.

      If one’s religious or spiritual path is not inspiring us to help others (all others, and not just a select few), then what really is its value?

      Some feed others. Some give to charity. Some protect others. Everyone can help in their own way.

      All good wishes,


      • So very true. We can all make a difference and even the smallest difference can count. Yes, what is the value of a religious path if it doesn’t inspire to help others.

      • Dear Sonya,

        Thank you for your visit and comments. I agree with you that, even the smallest actions make a difference.

        A religious path is amazing in how it can inspire humans to either bond strongly together, serving and loving humanity, or to disintegrate into separation, isolation, hatred, and war.

        All good wishes,


  1. Love it…so true! Thank you for sharing this beautiful post with us and your insightful comments always.

    Best wishes,
    Reshma (from the voice of a soul/Shaidi)

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