Sacred is that…

Star Painting

The Sufi action is invisible. Its literature, while vital, is not sacred.  

‘Sacred is that which cannot be destroyed.’

~ Idries Shah

4 thoughts on “Sacred is that…

  1. Today when we witness the destruction of ancient libraries and temples, shrines and monuments this quote is a comfort to read. Also I believe that what is sacred will come back to us in some recycled form. What do you feel, Robert?

    • Dear Sonya,

      Thank you for your visit and comments.

      I do, fully, agree with you that nothing that is sacred can be destroyed. So while books, for instance, may be burned, the truth which they convey will continue, return, and, as you say, be recycled in some form.

      Truth may be forgotten, and left behind, but never destroyed. As long as there is a single human being (no more than this is required) who is willing to pause, reach down, and pick it (truth) back up, humanity has a chance.

      This truth (that genuine truth cannot be destroyed) is the annoyance of all fundamentalists who seek to destroy and destroy, but can never, really, achieve their desires (even if outward appearances suggest they are being successful).

      All good wishes,


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