What the Devil Said


“Once upon a time there was a dervish.  As he was sitting in contemplation, he noticed that there was a sort of devil near him.  

The dervish said: ‘Why are you sitting there, making no mischief?’

The demon raised his head wearily.  ‘Since the theoreticians and would-be teachers of the Path have appeared in such numbers, there is nothing left for me to do.”

~ Story shared by Idries Shah

10 thoughts on “What the Devil Said

    • Dear Sonya,

      Thank you for visiting here today. While reading today, and searching for this quote, I actually thought of many of your posts which address a similar perspective.

      Thanks for sharing this link. I’m visiting it shortly :).

      All good wishes,


  1. A very poignant take on the situation in the world today. Sad but true. Thank you for bringing such wisdom to our attention. Thank you Robert!

  2. A new ‘follower’ here. Your image of the Whisperer reminds me of a particularly striking painting from the mind of Mark Bryan titled “The Monkey Whisperer”. All the best!

    • Greetings Sir,

      Thank you for your visit and kind comments. I’m going to look up “The Monkey Whisperer” now.

      All good wishes,


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