The Heart


Someone went up to a madman who was weeping in the bitterest possible way.

He said:

‘Why do you cry?’

The madman answered:

‘I am crying to attract the pity of His heart.’

The other told him:

‘Your words are nonsense, for He has no physical heart.’

The madman answered:

‘It is you who are wrong, for He is the owner of all the hearts which exist.  Through the heart you can make your connection with God.’

~ Attar of Nishapur

10 thoughts on “The Heart

    • Dear Sonya,

      Thank you for your visit and comments. It’s funny that you mention insanity. I personally (and I’m being very serious here) believe that a whole lot of so-called “sanity” is buying into a collective understanding that is out of balance. So-called “insanity,” then, may be very far from insane, and takes great courage in the face of collective pressure to conform. And as we know, socieites go to extremes in attempting to silence the insane.

      A so-called insane person can often be synonymous with a Change Agent.

      All good wishes,


  1. Dear Robert, your observation about ‘insane’ people is so very true and an indictment of the world we live in. We are so often forced to hide behind facades for fear that our authentic real selves will be ridiculed and misunderstood. I learnt that lesson as a child, when I experienced the universe in a way that others didn’t. Though I am one of the lucky ones, who had a family that had similar leanings and therefore society’s opinions didn’t matter. Thank you for sharing this very wonderful poem.

    • Dear Anjali,

      Thank you very much for your visit and insightful comments. This is good to hear that you grew up in a family which supported a whole experience of the Universe. This very early foundation of a child can really enable a life to unfold.

      All good wishes,


  2. P.S: I again had the same issue as last time a message telling me that your blog had been deleted, when I clicked on your icon – on the comment you posted on my blog. I think I have figured out the problem – your gravatar icon has a link that probably needs to be updated. It is whilst your actual one is Updating that I think will solve the problem.

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