Don’t give up on me…

I won’t wake
A wealthy man someday
Cause the sun, don’t follow me

I won’t wake,
Without a song to sing
Nothing to some
Everything to me

In my worst
I’ll do my best
To make it seem
Like I am happy

Cuz I’ve grown numb
Dry as my tear ducts
I’ve grown dumb
and empty

But don’t give up on me
Give up on me
Give up on me

6 thoughts on “Don’t give up on me…

  1. Such a sad song and video. What loneliness there is in this life. And you know what, there is probably a person so suitable for this man who feels the same way, but they never meet 😦

    I am grateful for what I have, may I always be thankful….Ameen

    • Dear Sonya,

      Thank you for your visit and for your poignant, reflective comments.

      It is sad. I found the song inspiring, though in a sad way, in how it brought (our) attention to this man, and others like him. By “inspiring,” I suppose I’m thinking in terms of how the song brings us to him, and brings more alive our awareness of each other.

      I don’t want to forget those like him who live with loneliness, sadness, and suffering.

      All good wishes,


      • Yes Robert, we must be aware of and not forget those who live with loneliness and sufferings. I saw your video soon after I watched Ranu’s about the last boat…and I guess I was filled with much sadness.

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