Who is hidden in the soul’s marrow?

Lord, Persian Lovers

Whose face is this

Reflected in spirit’s mirror?

Such beauty painted

On the inner screen –

Who is he?


Each atom

In all space

Is filled…

Who transcends the galaxies,

Shows himself in every molecule –

Who is he?



In the costume

Of various specks of dust

Sparks forth various rays

Of light at every moment –

Who is he?



You appear in the meat

Of our existence

But he who is hidden

In the soul’s marrow –

Who is he?


In soul’s fête

Every now and again he sings

A new song, melodies of peace

Touching the veils

Of the people of the heart –

Who is he?


He who manifests himself

Upon himself

Makes love to himself

In the name

Of lovers –

Who is he?


How many times, Mo’in

Will you drag yourself and me

Between us?

He, the goal of I and thou

Is there – right there!

Who is he?

~ Khwaja Mo’inuddin Chishti



6 thoughts on “Who is hidden in the soul’s marrow?

    • Dear Ranu,

      Thank you for your visit. Their words are indeed like food.

      All good wishes,


  1. This is so profound and beautiful, Robert.. touches the soul. Have always wanted to visit his shrine, people from far and wide travel to pay their respects. Maybe one day I will inshAllah. I hope and pray you’re doing well, my best wishes always 🙂

    • Dear Himani,

      Thank you for your visit!

      I am with you, in your desire to visit his shrine in Ajmer. Hopefully, inshallah, one day it will open for us to do so.

      All good wishes to you,


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