Hidden Inside of Me

water of life
The road to union is not what I thought it to be.
The world of the soul is not what I thought it to be.
That source from which Khizr drank the water of life,
It is in my own home, hidden inside of me.
~ Shaykh Sadruddin

Who is hidden in the soul’s marrow?

Lord, Persian Lovers

Whose face is this

Reflected in spirit’s mirror?

Such beauty painted

On the inner screen –

Who is he?


Each atom

In all space

Is filled…

Who transcends the galaxies,

Shows himself in every molecule –

Who is he?



In the costume

Of various specks of dust

Sparks forth various rays

Of light at every moment –

Who is he?



You appear in the meat

Of our existence

But he who is hidden

In the soul’s marrow –

Who is he?


In soul’s fête

Every now and again he sings

A new song, melodies of peace

Touching the veils

Of the people of the heart –

Who is he?


He who manifests himself

Upon himself

Makes love to himself

In the name

Of lovers –

Who is he?


How many times, Mo’in

Will you drag yourself and me

Between us?

He, the goal of I and thou

Is there – right there!

Who is he?

~ Khwaja Mo’inuddin Chishti