Good Thoughts

“People’s relationships can be compared with two facing walls.  Each wall is full of small holes in which nest black and white birds.  Black birds are dark thoughts. White birds are pure thoughts.

Because of their size, white birds can only enter into the white bird holes.  The black birds likewise.  Now let’s suppose there are two people, Usuf and Ali. Usuf, convinced that Ali thinks evil of him, emits thoughts full of hate.  In doing so he releases a black bird and, at the same time, a nest/hole from his wall is freed.  The black bird flies towards Ali and looks for a nest there.  If Ali has not sent his black bird towards Usuf
(i.e., if he has not made any negative thoughts about him), then none of his black holes will be free.  Not finding a nest, the black bird will return to Usuf, caring with it the evil vibrations, thus destroying Usuf.   Blue Flower

Lets suppose that Ali has sent an evil thought.  In doing so he releases a hole in his wall in which Usuf’s black bird can nest fulfilling its mission!  At the same time, Ali’s black bird flies towards Usuf and, finding another empty nest, does the same.  So
the two black birds fulfill their mission which is the destruction of their target.

But as soon as they fulfill their mission, they return to their base according to the ancient law: ‘Everything returns to its source.’

The evil returns to the sender, thus damaging him.  Same with white birds.  If we only send good thoughts to our enemy, while he is sending negative thoughts, then his black birds, not finding a nest, return to him.  While the white birds, not finding a nest, return to us full of positive energy.

In conclusion, if we only send good thoughts, they will return and strengthen us.  That’s why we must always bless and wish the best for our friends as well as our enemies.  That way, the blessing not only goes towards others, but also some day returns to us with its blessings.”

~ Tierno Bokar

6 thoughts on “Good Thoughts

    • Dear Ranu,

      Thank you for your visit and comments. I think of figures such as Tierno Bokar and Emir Abd al-Kader as exemplars of Islam.

      All good wishes,


    • Dear Sonya,

      Thank you for your visit and comments. It is indeed one of my favorite teaching stories told by Tierno Bokar.

      All good wishes,


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