He is that, but also more.


“… If you think God is what the different communities believe—the Muslims, Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, polytheists and others—He is that, but also more. If you think and believe what the prophets, saints and angels profess—He is that, but he is still more. None of his creatures worships him in his entirety. No one is an infidel in all the ways relating to God. No one knows all God’s facets. Each of his creatures worships and knows him in a certain way and is ignorant of Him in others. Error does not exist in this world except in a relative manner.”

~ Emir Abd al-Kadir

Abd al-Kader Prayer Rug

Prayer Rug of Emir Abd al-Kader


6 thoughts on “He is that, but also more.

    • Dear Ranu,

      Thank you for your visit and comments.

      Emir Abd al-Kader is a very favorite figure for me. He is very much connected with shaykh Ibn al-‘Arabi.

      All good wishes,


    • Hi,
      Thank you for your visit and comments. I too find this a powerful statement.

      All good wishes,


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