Don’t Look Down on Words…

Don’t look down on words.Tree and Water

The world is noisy and mute,

poets; God alone speaks.

~ Antonio Machado


6 thoughts on “Don’t Look Down on Words…

  1. I am intrigued as to why he says “noisy and mute”. I would love to have your thoughts. Somehow it is shouting out to me and I’m not sure how to to interprete it.

    • Hi,

      The world as *both* noisy and mute seems almost antithetical to each other.

      But…the world can indeed be noisy.

      Shaykh Jamali says: “The breast of a person who thinks of everyone will know no rest.” To me, this speaks to the clamor of the world which can be de-centering.

      And the world may be mute as well, as, really, there is only One voice.

      All good wishes,


      • Thank you, Robert. It is the duality of everything which fascinates me, and I know tat keeps us going.

        Have you heard of the expression “Empty pots make the most noise”? That kind of came to my mind…the world is noisy but if we sift through it all, we are really saying very little…almost like we are mute. When we listen to the One Voice, that’s when we really hear.

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