All I want is the essence of Your love…

Everyone prays to You from fear of the fire, and if You do not put them in the fire, this is their reward.  Or they pray to You for the garden full of fruits and flowers, and for them, this is their reward.  But I do not pray to You like this, for I am not afraid of the fire and I have no desire for the garden.  All I want is the essence of Your love, and to return to be one with You, to become Your face.Rabia

~ Rabiah al-Basri


4 thoughts on “All I want is the essence of Your love…

  1. Thank you for posting Rabiah-al basri’s thoughts. I agree one hundred percent.Here’s what I think is the problem.I am probably thinking of fire,because I feel I have not lived up to the expectation of God Almighty,I therefore am spending most of my time fearing the fire. I do think it would be lot simpler if we think of love and not punishment. No matter how bad His creation is God is always ready to forgive them.

  2. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for sharing with us these lovely comments. Yes, Love over fire.

    All good wishes,


  3. What is garden and what is fire? garden is the pleasure that God shows and fire is His anguish and displeasure, but Rabia is neither afraid of His displeasure nor seeks His pleasure she simply wants Him, completely wants Him.

    So simple and so profound is her want ! Great selection, Robert, and this is a very rewarding site. Thanks dear friend Connie.

    • Hi Sir,

      Thank you for your visit, words, and kindness. I do very much like this that Rabia shares.

      All good wishes,


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