My Head and my Knees

My Head and my Knees

If I didn’t cry all the time, my house would still be desolate.
The ocean is huge and empty, just like the desert.

Am I to complain about the narrowness of my heart?
It’s unbelieving; no matter what happened, it would have been confused.

If I were patient for a lifetime, the Doorkeeper would surely let me in.
The doorkeeper of your house could model itself on such a heart.

Before anything, there was God; had there been nothing, there would have been God.
It was because I lived that I died.  If I had never lived, what would have become of me?

Sorrow stunned my head; so why should I feel bad about my beheading?
If it hadn’t been detached, it would be resting on my knees anyway.

Ghalib died centuries ago.  But we still remember his little questions:
‘What is before?’  ‘Where would I be if I had never been born?’

~ Ghalib

2 thoughts on “My Head and my Knees

  1. Ghalib was one of the poets,I liked very much.I read a lot of his poems and they were beautiful. Your post is wonderful,thank you Robert.

  2. Dear Ranu,

    I too, like you, very much like Ghalib’s poems.

    Thank you for your visit here.

    All good wishes,


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